Interactive Design


I often refer to my approach to design as interactive. What I mean by this is quite simple: my design work is done with the client present and actively involved in the decision making process of the design of their home. All of my clients love their homes because they effectively get to design them.

My strongest asset as a designer is my ability to create instantaneously a three dimensional image of the designs I propose while my client is present. There is no guesswork as to what your home will look like externally or internally; I can create it for you before your very eyes. If what you see is not to your liking, I can just as quickly create a new design.

One of my clients gave me an unusual compliment while watching me sketch. She clapped her hands in joy and exclaimed "You're a magician!". While everyone may not experience this same sense of wonder, no one is disappointed by my attempts to fulfill their wishes.

Everyone has their own unique perspective on what is the perfect home. My innate abilities and expertise allow me to work as a facilitator for my clients, helping them to achieve the house of their dreams. Our goal at CDA is to ensure that the end result maintains a standard of design and a quality of construction that protects their investment and provides them with the maximum potential their home and property can offer.