"Walter helped us turn our dream of a period house into a reality. We thoroughly enjoyed working with him through out the project. Walter was able to take our initial, impractical, floor plan and turn it into one that has served us very well. He has a terrific sense of how to organize interior space. Walter listened to our ideas on interior and exterior period details, pointed out problems and offered solutions. If we didn't care for the solution, he would immediately put it aside and offer another alternative. He never tried to impose his preference on us, but did layout the pluses and minuses of concepts we wanted. He had a good staff and set of consultants, so the plans were complete, timely and accepted by the city planning department without serious issues. We would highly recommend Walter to anyone planning a new house or major remodel."

--Don and Lizebeth Burch

"We called Walter in because we were planning to do some remodeling and wanted to use our family room, kitchen and dining room space more effectively. We ended up swapping our kitchen and dining room space so that our kitchen was next to our family room forming one area. We also added a lot of glass to the dining room and family room giving us wonderful natural light. The kitchen design also made our kitchen more usable and optimized our storage space. In the end, our remodel accomplished what we hoped it would . . . we feel like we are in a brand new home."

--Dan and Judy Bellack

"When we were trying to plan our new kitchen, we knew that the space could be designed better than it was, but we didn't know how to fix it. Walter talked to us about our family and how we lived and quickly figured out how to optimize our space to better match our needs. Without adding space or cost (because we had a limited budget), he brought our kitchen to the next level by thinking of things in an entirely new way. If we hadn't started with Walter's expertise, I am convinced our renovation would have been mediocre at best... With his vision, our kitchen has become a room that makes us happy every single day. We couldn't have done it without him."

--Hailey and Sven Delmas


I worked harder building the house than I did at any during the 40 years I actively practiced law. And, I'm still chasing finish work down But, most importantly: We really nailed the layout and design. Walter's continuing assistance after issuance of the permit were invaluable: A++ on Report Cards.


After months of decision-making (which far exceeded my expectations, despite my previous experiences) and with considerable luck, Susan and I brought the design home (was that a pun?) with our finish selections and tweaks. The house really looks and presents great -- if there's any question regarding my objectivity, know that neighbors walking and driving by regularly stop and gratuitously tell us so. And, the floor plan so very well fits our lifestyle, that small details still elicit smiles after living in the house for more than a year.