CDA Services


Design Consultation

We provide a complimentary initial consultation to discuss the scope of your project. Whether for a new house or a remodel/addition, this meeting gives us an opportunity to explain our services and display some of our creativity. One of our goals during this meeting is to de-mystify the design process, thereby helping you make an informed decision on how to proceed.

As-Built Documentation

For all remodeling and addition projects it is first necessary to document the existing home and it's location on the property before you can proceed with actual design. It is critical to verify square footage and setbacks against local zoning rules to determine if your project will comply with them.

Preliminary Design

This is the most fascinating stage of any project, when we explore different ideas and concepts. By applying layers of transparent paper we can quickly layout multiple floor plans for your consideration. Designing is often a process of elimination; you will know the right design when you see it develop before your eyes.

Construction Documents

This is the process of developing the preliminary design into the documents you will need to obtain a building permit and for the construction of your project. They include all the architectural drawings required for zoning review, structural drawings for engineering, electrical and mechanical drawings for subcontractors and interior drawings of all cabinetry.

Construction Management

We offer a limited construction management service to oversee the layout of foundation and framing as well as a review of window and door orders. This is to ensure the structure is built in accordance with the plans. We do not oversee the completion of interior finish, these specifications and details are typically provided by interior designers and are outside our scope of work.